03.03.2018 – Stefan X & Silberfisch

Stefan X & Silberfisch – Ambient – Atmo – Downbeat
03.03.2018 | 21:00 Uhr – 00:00 Uhr

Toskana Therme Bad Orb, Horststraße 1, D-63619 Bad Orb
Telefon: +49 (0) 6052 – 918444, Hotel Buchung möglich.
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kreuzer & friedrich – analog digital

release date 05.07.2013

Kreuzer & Friedrich are Stefan X and Pearlcoder presenting their new album on Blackfish Productions.

Available on CD and many download plattforms.

v.a. – silk pearls 2

a sound journey with frank *n // dj eastenders // stefan-x // spy vs. spy

includes [ in-waves ] pearl remixes:
substanz-t – a moment frozen in time
substanz-t – orbit 32
2008, DCD, Cocoon Recordings, Intergroove
artwork & design: 3deluxe

EAN: 8 07297 11002 9

v.a. – silk pearls

a sound journey with frank *n // dj eastenders // stereofreund // stefan-x

includes [ in-waves ] – pace
2006, DCD, Cocoon Recordings, Intergroove
artwork & design: 3deluxe
48 weeks in the German Chillout Charts – DCOC!

EAN: 8 07297 07042 2

 in-waves ] – rainbow

released on: v.a. – hammock
compiled by Dub´Acan

a soundcandy for the relaxed moments in life including the first release of [ in-waves ], the sound project of Arne Stevens and Stefan-X.

2004, Synergetic Records, Vienna

EAN: 9 120013 53009 5

v.a. – Im:pulse – chill & lounge grooves

compiled and mixed by stefan x

2 CDs, 160 minutes in the mix: JFC, Ooze, MEZ, dZhihan & Kamien, The Black Dog, Substanz-T, Dub Taylor, MRI, Dub Connected, u.v.a.

2001, DCD, Terminal 68, Vertrieb: Indigo

EAN: 401 569 808 442 9




Stefan X. . . DJ and Producer is one of Germanys most popular chillout pioneers and arranged the first chillout events with light artists in Frankfurt / Main.

Since then, he is his own light orchestra, mixing different influences in a chill sound ambience just as shining as the projections.

Stefan X was resident DJ at the CocoonClubs Bed Restaurant Silk from the first untill the last day.

Within his project ‚Kreuzer und Friedrich‚ he works as a composer and producer together with his partner Jörg Friedrich.




Augen- und Ohrenbad 2017 | Saturday, 01.07.2017

Djs: Suse, Double D, Maya, Stefan X feat James Lindemann
Performance: Feuer und Farbe, Nachtfunke
Garten der Artificial Family e.V. | 63165 Mühlheim am Main
Augen- und Ohrenbad auf Faceook

Augen- und Ohren Ahoi!

Visuals: Silberfisch

 Sound: Maya, Stefan X

Yachtklub – Deutschherrnufer 5, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

20 Jahre Augen- und Ohrenbad 1996-2016

Saturday 02.07.2016 – 21.00h – open end
Visuals by Silberfisch
Sound by Torby | Suse | Schlafola Michalis | Jörg Friedrich | Stefan X feat. James Lindemann (Bass)
Artificial Family, Rabenlohweg 5, D-63165 Mühlheim am Main

12 Jahre Tanzhaus-West – Saturday, 28.11.2015

Special Chill Floor by Ohrenbad Djs from 02.00 – 11.00 a.m.
Suse (Bembelterror)
Jörg Friedrich (Pearlcoder)
Stefan X (Blackfish Recordings)

Liquid Sound Club Special at Liquid Sound Festival

Saturday evening 07.11. – Sunday Morning 08.11.2015
Playtime Augen- und Ohrenbad-Team Stefan X and Silberfisch 03.00 – 05.00 a.m.

– Liquid Sound Therme Bad Orb –

Liquid Sound Club features talented artists playing contemporary electronic & ambient music above & under water. Experience the Liquid Sound™ System and explore floating in music in body temperature salt water.

Augen- und Ohrenbad Samstag, 04.07. 2015

Visuals by Silberfisch
DJs: Mr. Rod (Phonosynthese), Stereofreund (Silk Bed Restaurant), Suse (Exzess), Stefan X feat. James Lindemann
Performance von Feuer & Farbe / Nachtfunke
Eisenwolke Massagen

Vielen Lieben Dank an Valentin Popa für die schönen Fotos vom Augen- und Ohrenbad 2014!
Popa Fotos